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4 Essential Insights for a Successful DOOH Advertising Strategy in New York City

4 Essential Insights for a Successful DOOH Advertising Strategy in New York City
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The dynamic advertising landscape of New York presents unique challenges and opportunities. Create a successful DOOH advertising by adopting these ideas inspired by a vibrant city and in line with current trends.

Creativity is stepping out of the usual place, breaking the rules, arising from movement. First, you need to understand the target audience because it will be the foundation for any new idea; DOOH advertising must have a horizon.

The dynamism of advertising demands creativity to continue leading, retain customers, build loyalty, leaving memorable campaigns that become trends on social media.

Current trends reflect changes in formats, creativity of content, innovation in chosen geographical locations, and the indispensable presence of artificial intelligence to achieve the element of surprise. In this article, we’ll share five essential ideas to capture the attention of the audience, particularly the New York audience.

Make sure your DOOH advertising walks alongside New Yorkers

1. Strategic Location: A Vibrant Campaign for a Vibrant City

The towering skyscrapers, giant screens, nightlife, sea of taxis, Brooklyn Bridge, Statue of Liberty... is there anything more vibrant than New York? This is the challenge of ensuring that DOOH advertising aligns with this exciting city.

When placing a digital screen, attention is given not only to the location of the supporting building but also to the surrounding architecture, the flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, aiming to capture attention from every angle.

It’s essential to consider the campaign’s objectives when choosing optimal locations. These goals should align with age, gender, and activities, demographic data that should be analyzed beforehand. Thanks to programmatic DOOH, necessary adjustments can be made in real-time, considering peak hours, weather, etc.

2. Attend to Screen Quality: Viewing Through a Prism

Capturing attention is quite a challenge. That's why we take the example of a prism – what is seen depends on how one turns the glass: the New Yorker who only looks up from their phone to cross the street, the office worker in the corner building, the taxi driver navigating the city, etc.

At this point, it’s crucial to consider the quality, size, orientation, and other technical aspects of the screens. A high-definition screen with vibrant colors can generate greater attraction. Another option is screens that allow content synchronization to create a more impactful message. It all depends on the content you want to display.

Dooh advertising billboard on street

3. The clock doesn't go tick-tock, it goes TikTok!

Due to the significant growth of DOOH advertising, online media increasingly turns to outdoor media to create an omnichannel experience. This is the case with TikTok, which aims to go beyond the younger demographic.

Clearly, there’re noticeable differences between online and outdoor advertising content. An essential aspect is sound, which is vital for the platform's experience. This implies adapting it with videos that can be understood without the need for sound, such as sports, jokes, etc.

The potential of TikTok joining the DOOH advertising strategy is that it can reach a more diverse audience by showcasing how entertaining and undeniably addictive its content can be.

4. Making the Brand Desirable and Irresistible with DOOH Advertising

Popular shopping malls, bus stops, among other crowded spaces, are additional options to reach a broader audience. This is especially because the context makes pedestrians stop to look at a store window or wait for transportation services. Those minutes or seconds are significant opportunities to capture their attention to products they might be more willing to buy.

Executing a creative campaign, utilizing the best-suited technology, and targeting high-traffic locations make it desirable. Seeking strategic locations, harnessing the full potential of programmatic DOOH, and adapting advertising according to foot traffic, weather, among other factors, make it irresistible. For example, a refreshing beverage becoming irresistible to someone waiting for the bus in the heat of the pavement.

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