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The 2024 Landscape: What to Expect in DOOH Marketing this Year

The 2024 Landscape: What to Expect in DOOH Marketing this Year
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Dive into the fresh trends set to revamp DOOH marketing in 2024. Get the scoop on AI's endless possibilities, crafting more engaging campaigns and making your brand leave a lasting mark.

In an increasingly segmented and interconnected market, standing out in DOOH marketing is all about leveraging AI applications, maximizing audience engagement, and eliciting emotional responses.

From static billboards to the use of dynamic and interactive screens, we take more steps towards what new technologies offer.

Programmatic DOOH is no longer just a trend but a game-changer, thanks to its dynamic nature that empowers advertisers to get creative and own the context.

We'll delve into the must-know 2024 trends that will help you shine with genuinely helpful campaigns that resonate.

Staying Ahead of the Curve in DOOH Marketing Innovation

User-Generated Content: The Road to Authenticity

User-generated content (UGC) isn't new, but it's a perfect fit with DOOH marketing trends. It offers an authentic, honest user perspective—something traditional influencer messages can't match.

Consumers trust their peers more, and UGC builds customer loyalty and trust better than any marketing catchphrase. To make your brand irresistible, weave UGC into your campaigns. Success isn't just about fun anymore—it's about being real!

Social networks play a key role. They’re essential channels for interaction and require knowing the target audience, adapting the message and the content format with creativity.

Retail Media and Omnichannel Development: The Success Keys

Retail media is also trendsetting, reaching consumers based on their behaviors and transaction moments. Omnichannel development, or reaching consumers through all transactional channels, is a success secret.

DOOH marketing syncs seamlessly with mobile and online platforms, ensuring brand narratives are consistent and flow across multiple channels, ensuring engagement at every consumer touchpoint, and creating memorable campaigns.

Augmented Reality Holograms: Engaging the Audience Is Key

Innovating in DOOH marketing isn't just about creative content; expanding the format is just as crucial. Augmented reality and holograms create immersive experiences that deeply connect and engage audiences. One hot trend to watch is spatial audio. 

Blend the two, and you get interactive, immersive ad campaigns that fuse the real with the virtual. DOOH is a powerful channel to reach new audiences, particularly Generation Z. Incorporating these technologies will increase positive acceptance of ads.

The location of campaigns continues to be a fundamental axis. Buildings, automobiles, among other key spaces, are added to the advertising inventory. And with programmatic DOOH the possibility of real-time tracking ensures reaching the target audience.

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Exploring the Potential of Contextual Advertising Amidst Cookie Demise

This year, Google will phase out third-party cookies. This means advertisers need to pivot to collecting their own data, exploring the potential of contextual advertising, and harnessing machine learning and AI for customer behavior analysis and predictions.

The recent rollout of Beeyond TrueReach, a new audience segmentation tool, taps into leading data providers' insights, giving clients the intel to plan and execute particular campaigns.

Programmatic DOOH at the Forefront of Technological Advances and Market Evolution

Keeping ahead in DOOH marketing innovation is an exhilarating challenge. It's not just about adopting new tech but also swiftly responding to consumer expectations.

Unleash the full potential of programmatic DOOH. At Beeyond, we'll guide you to more appealing, receptive, and effective campaigns, maximizing your return on investment.