September, 2023 | PRESS RELEASE

Beeyond Media Hits Inventory Milestone Surpassing 1M Premium Digital Billboards and Screens

Beeyond Media Hits Inventory Milestone Surpassing 1M Premium Digital Billboards and Screens
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Premier digital out of home business continues to elevate its commitment to quality and innovation for agencies and brands.

Miami, Florida – September 26th, 2023 – Beeyond Media, a leading programmatic Digital Out of Home (DOOH) advertising demand-side platform (DSP), today announced a major expansion of its advertising inventory. The DOOH company can now facilitate access to over 1 million premium digital billboards and screens. With this milestone, Beeyond Media emphasizes its commitment to delivering high-quality advertising opportunities, providing a platform where brands and agencies can forge meaningful connections with audiences through hyper-targeted campaigns.

Beeyond continues to offer innovative solutions to its agency partners and clients, opening avenues for creative campaigns that have an impact on audiences on an extensive scale. The wide range inventory of the programmatic platform ensures that brands have access to strategically placed screens for maximum impact across many prominent locations, including highways, malls, airports, trains, taxis, streets, and more spots across the nation.

“At Beeyond, we aspire to raise the bar in the DOOH advertising industry”, said Alejandro Donzis, CEO and co-founder of Beeyond Media. “This expansion is a significant step towards fulfilling our goal to offer high-quality advertising opportunities that empower our partners and clients to craft campaigns that are not just widespread but also meaningful and deeply resonant with audiences”, added.

As the DOOH market expected to grow to a monumental $58.67 billion globally by 2030, Beeyond Media is positioned to be a part of this upward trend. The company seeks to usher in a new phase of DOOH advertising and the business is focused on offering white-glove service for media planning and an extensive, high-quality inventory. This fosters an environment where effectiveness takes center stage. Additionally, the insights garnered from the Beeyond TrueReach, Beeyond Media’s audience segmentation tool, will allow agency partners and clients to craft campaigns that are not only visually appealing but also finely tuned to reach their target audience.

“This expansion is a pivotal movement in our journey, signifying our determination to present premier advertising opportunities that are attuned to the dynamic needs of our clients,” added Donzis. “As we look to the future, our aim is to work alongside our agency partners and clients in fostering a space where campaigns are both innovative and inspiring, sparking a deep connection with audiences nationwide”.

This news comes off the heels of Beeyond’s $10M Seed round which is being used to scale the Beeyond business in the United States and Latin America and help Beeyond Media expand their vast connected inventory in other markets throughout 2024. The company remains grounded in its mission to pave the way in the DOOH industry, embodying a harmonious blend of quality and innovation that aims to redefine industry standards.



About Beeyond Media

Beeyond Media was founded in 2019 by CEO Alejandro Donzis in an effort to bring transparency, efficiency and innovation to the classic advertising channel. After consolidating operations throughout Latin America, the DOOH company expanded into the U.S. and Canada in 2023 where they saw large opportunities for growth. This year, DOOH is projected to grow, capturing 37.2% of all OOH revenue. With access to over 1 million devices throughout the Americas, Beeyond Media continues to usher DOOH advertising into the future and help brands like Chanel, L’oreal, American Express, and Heineken inspire people wherever they go.