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The 5 Most Dazzling DOOH Ads of 2023: Innovation in Outdoor Digital Display

The 5 Most Dazzling DOOH Ads of 2023: Innovation in Outdoor Digital Display
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Digital Out-of-Home has been striking the advertising landscape these past few years, giving a new meaning to outdoor digital displays. Take a look at some of the most impressive and impactful DOOH ads that were released in 2023.

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising has become an essential component in effective marketing strategies, as it has proven the influencing power and matchless impact of outdoor digital displays, boosted beyond precedents since the advent of programmatic and AI technologies.

Over the last few years, DOOH spaces proliferated, Demand and Supply Side Platforms (DSPs and SSPs) enhanced their functionalities, and cutting-edge resources transformed creatives into immersive, long-lasting brand experiences as this advertising form became more and more popular, illuminating the evolution of outdoor digital display.

Today, DOOH advertising is acknowledged as a game-changer that helps pave the way for digital marketing to flourish in expansion: for the second year in a row, the global trade marketing association DPAA has recently hosted the Annual Digital Out of Home Excellence awards to recognize some of the most creative and well-executed DOOH campaigns that showcase the revolution experienced and brought on by outdoor digital displays.

2023 witnessed a revolution in DOOH as brands leveraged technology, emotion, and simplicity to engage audiences. In this article, we offer our selection of the most captivating and impactful DOOH ads that hit the streets this year.

Are you ready to explore the cutting-edge realm of DOOH advertising? Because you’ve just stumbled upon a treasure trove showcasing the pinnacle of innovation in outdoor digital display.

What Sets Apart the Best DOOH Ads of 2023

For the advertising industry, 2023 marked a paradigm shift toward innovation and consumer engagement. From groundbreaking 3D visuals to emotionally compelling storytelling and the seamless integration of technology, the year showcased the immense potential of outdoor digital displays.

Let’s delve into some ingenious campaigns with DOOH ads that transcended conventional marketing and analyze their innovative approaches:

1. Unprecedented 3D Mastery: Samsung’s Unveiling of the Next Dimension

Samsung’s larger-than-life 3D ad campaign was a spectacle that stopped passersby in their tracks. With the launch of their latest smartphone series, Samsung unleashed an awe-inspiring 3D display in major city squares. Their holographic projections brought the product features to life, engaging audiences in a visual journey.

2. Immersive Mixed Reality: “Halloween Thrillboards” by Meta

As part of the launch campaign to showcase the immersive features of their latest VR headset “Meta Quest 3”, Meta’s Reality Labs developed fully immersive ‘Halloween Thrillboards’, in partnership with creative agency AMV BBDO and Unit9 production studio.

These disruptive billboards were based off Ghostbusters and The Walking Dead, two entertainment franchises available in the headset, and offered people the chance to step inside them, setting a new standard for engaging DOOH ads.

Meta Outdoor Digital Display

Source: Pinterest - IbbOnline

3. Interactive Culinary Delight: McDonald's Sweden Foodtruck Billboard

McDonald's, in collaboration with the Nord DDB agency, transformed digital billboards in Stockholm and Västerås into modern-day food trucks. These interactive outdoor digital displays rolled up next to actual McDonald’s restaurants, offering an authentic food truck experience.

By scanning a QR code, a digital chef emerged on the screen, preparing a sandwich and sending a complimentary burger coupon directly to individuals via the McDonald’s app. This seamless interaction not only engaged viewers but also led them to enjoy a delicious meal at nearby McDonald’s locations.

McDonald's Outdoor Digital Display

Source: YouTube - McDonald's Sverige

4. Machine Learning Echoes Change: PTS Childcare Awareness Campaign

In a bid to spotlight the UK's childcare crisis, Scottish movement Pregnant Then Screwed joined forces with creative agency Saatchi & Saatchi, unleashing a nationwide integrated campaign named 'A Cry For Help'.

The ingenious creative for this campaign centered around the piercing sound of a baby's cry—a sound impossible to ignore. Released strategically around Mother’s Day 2023, the campaign included DOOH ads that utilized machine learning to showcase the non-stop inner thoughts of mothers listening to their baby’s cry, reflecting the desperate urgency of addressing the childcare crisis gripping the nation.

5. Tech-Infused Creativity: Amazon’s AI-Powered Personalization

Amazon’s innovative use of AI in their outdoor digital displays personalized the shopping experience like never before. Utilizing facial recognition technology, their billboards showcased product recommendations tailored to individuals passing by. This fusion of technology and marketing not only grabbed attention but also enhanced brand-consumer connections.

Pioneering the Future of Outdoor Digital Display

DOOH advertising continues to reach new heights that elevate brands to take their message further than ever before, as seen with these campaigns that showcased the diverse landscape of innovative outdoor digital displays.

As advertisers and marketing advocates, embracing these strategies is pivotal in shaping future campaigns, capturing attention, and fostering lasting connections with consumers.